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Welcome to the Macarthur Urology Website. We are a practice of four urologists who service both public and private patients of Southwest Sydney and the Southern Highlands.

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At Macarthur Urology, we aim to provide the best possible patient care with the most up to date techniques including Robotic and Laparoscopic Surgery.

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We provide management of all urological conditions including urological cancer surgery, urinary stone surgery, management of urinary dysfunction.

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  • What is a urologist?
  • Urologists are surgeons who treat men, women and children with problems involving the kidney, bladder, prostate and male reproductive organs. These conditions include cancer, stones, infection, incontinence, sexual dysfunction and pelvic floor problems.

  • What should I bring to my appointment?
  • - Referral letter from GP, family physician or other doctor
    - Medicare card, DVA card, Pension Card
    - Have your Private Hospital Insurance information with you
    - Copies of results, x-rays, MRI's. CT scans etc and any other relevant information

  • How do I arrange an appointment with a urologist at Macarthur Urology?
  • Our urologists will usually accept only referred patients. This is partly to try to ensure that the specialist you are seeing is appropriate for you and your condition.  Before seeing one of our urologists, it is always preferable to talk to your own family doctor, who can discuss your condition with you and advise on whether any specialist care is appropriate.

    If your GP thinks you require a referral to one of our urologists they will give you a referral letter which you should bring to your consultation.  After you have your referral, contact us and we will arrange an appointment time that suits you.

  • Are my medical records confidential?
  • Your medical records are handled with the utmost respect for your privacy. Our staff are bound by strict confidentiality requirements as a condition of their employment. Under normal circumstances we will not release the contents of your medical file without your consent.

  • Does Macarthur Urology treat patients without Private Health Insurance.
  • All four of our urologists operate on patients without Private Health Insurance at both Liverpool and Campbelltown Public Hospitals.  Due to Waiting List constraints in the NSW Public Health System, the waiting times for most surgery are generally longer than if your operation was to be performed in a Private Hospital.  Both Liverpool and Campbelltown Hospitals are large teaching hospitals and as such, whilst the majority of elective surgical procedures will be supervised by a urologist, some or all of the procedure will be performed by one of our registrars (a doctor in the process of training to be a qualified urologist).

    In addition, the type of surgery that you require will often determine where you have your operation.  This means that whilst you may live closer to Campbelltown, you may have to have your surgery at Liverpool Hospital and vice versa.  This is due to resource availability and infrastructure differences at the two hospitals.

    All our urologists are committed to providing the best quality of care for all patients, however, we request that our patients understand the constraints placed upon us by funding for the Public Health System in our area.  If you do not have Private Health Insurance but would like to have your operation performed in the Private Hospital by your preferred urologist, we can help to arrange this for you after your consultation.

  • Who should I contact if I have concerns after my surgery?
  • If you have had or are due to have surgery by one of our urologists at a Private Hospital, contact our rooms on 4628 4719, one of our staff members will then be able to contact your urologist so that any problems can be addressed by him.

    If you had surgery at Liverpool Hospital, please call the hospital on 9828 3000 and ask to be put through to the Urology Registrar.  If you had surgery at Campbelltown Public Hospital please call the hospital on 4634 3000 and ask to be put through to the Urology Registrar.  If your surgery was done at the either of these hospitals, your operative notes will be easily accessible to the registrar, and he/she will be in the best position to answer any of your queries.